Insane I Is near

Everyone is gonna die
With no chance to say "Goodbye"
All their homes in ruins lie
I can see it with my eye

Third one. Sure. You too have one
Closed and covered with a crown
That is shining in the sun
Gonna be shattered with a gun

With the bullets of Insane
Killing you for life in vain
Laughing at your tears and pain
Washing face in bloody rain.

Insane II Justice done

He is standing
At the top of the hill
His gun still warm
His hands still wet
Covered with the sticky liquid
Dark red

His face still smiling
His victims still dying
His eyes now empty
His soul stopped crying

Insane III Later on

He is looking
His eyes now closed
Masks fell down
Faces disposed
Decisions made
Problems solved
Noises dead
Silence screaming
It's called "The end"
Wake up! Stop dreaming!

Insane IV Rebirth

Laughing his heart out
As if he's on cloud nine
Shouting, screaming aloud
This Wonderful World! Mine!

Everywhere ruins and dust
Everyone hurt or dead
But noone tells "You must"
But does it himself instead

Everyony sees his self
Lives as he wants his life
And there's nobody left
To put into your back knife

Everywhere ruins and dust
Everyone hurt or dead
But we're free at last
No matter that it's "The End"
5- 6.07.217 Busk city
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